Our Technology

Artificial Intelligence Search Platform:

  • Finds more quality prior art
  • Keeps inventors data in the US for security
  • Development staff background, skills and responsiveness
  • System maturity
  • Complete database of the world’s patent literature
  • State-of-the-Art natural language processing technology
  • Thesaurus is integrated, updated and automatically expands
  • Relevance scoring directly to the query

Choice of Word and Classified Search Platform

  • The same quality prior art delivered for 15 years
  • Keeps inventors data in the US
  • Key word, index appears for every reference
  • Key Word index, highlighted text, figure and searchers output are all on one screen, requiring relatively few keystrokes
  • Outputs grasp-in-a-glance search report for printing

Grasp-In-A-Glance, Search Report:

  • Published for 15 years – improves our and client communication
  • Columns list the inventive elements of the proposed invention
  • Rows of the report list cited prior art
  • An “X” at the line/column junction marks presence of the inventive element in the cited prior art
  • A novel feature is recognized as a column absent of “X’s” (see report one – green – below)
  • A line with “X’s” in every column marks a USC102 rejection (report – two – red – below)
  • Two lines together having “X’s” in every column is a USC103 rejection (report two – blue – below)
  • Conclusions are easily recognized in a glance at the report, thus the name “Grasp-in-a-Glance Report”