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in business

70 yrs
combined experience

former examiners

Our Team

Our consortium members, whose first language is American English, provide patent search services for patent attorneys and agents. Our team members have extensive experience in mechanical, electrical, electronics, power, physics, chemical and biological fields. Our custom search software has features that enhance precise searching and efficient use of time. We invite you to call us to explore InventScape satisfying your patent search needs.

Our experienced patent research team makes all the difference

  • We are fully US-Based. American English is our first language, facilitating communication
  • We are all former USPTO examiners and know the search business
  • We have 70+ years of combined search experience
  • We hold advanced degrees in fields like Patent Law, Bio-Electronics and Nuclear Physics
  • Our education and experience have allowed us to work successfully in most fields including electronics, chemistry, mechanical, solar, wind, autonomous vehicles, medical & pharmaceutical, nuclear and biological

Ken Bower
LEEDS Certification
Registered Patent Agent
Former Patent Examiner

John Richardson, PE
B.S.M.E., B.S.E.E.
M.S. in Nuclear Physics
Registered Patent Agent
Former Patent Examiner

Lyman Smith
Juris doctorate
Registered Patent Attorney
Former Patent Examiner

Leslie Virney
M.S. Bio-Electronics
Registered Patent Agent
Former Patent Examiner

We’ve been searching for you!

Providing keen strategy and execution for more than 12 years, we deliver superior patent search services.