About Us

About Us

The USPTO Artificial Intelligence search capability, coming on line next year, will make patent prosecution much tougher.

InventScape’s standardized testing of Artificial Intelligence platforms versus conventional, key word and classified search, discovered that artificial Intelligence platforms found a larger number of applicable prior art than conventional  searches.  However, the conventional searches found different prior art in addition to some of those found by the Artificial Intelligence platforms.  These findings indicate that a protocol combining both Artificial Intelligence and conventional search technology may also out-perform the PTO’s Artificial Intelligence platform.

The process of testing also revealed that artificial Intelligence  searching does not eliminate the searchers “human factor” from effecting the quality of the Artificial Intelligence search results.  These findings indicate that an exceptionally experienced patent searcher is required to prepare the data, perform and document the search.

InventScape seeks to provide the best countermeasure to the USPTO Artificial Intelligence platform with what we call the TRI-SEARCH which combines Artificial Intelligence, key word and classified searching on state of the art search platforms and operated by exceptionally experienced searchers.

This website outlines the InventScape test and development program to overcome the negative effects of the USPTO Artificial Intelligence program which will be confronted by your very next patent application.  The bottom line is that you can continue your delivery of excellent patent services to your clients by using InventScape’s TRI-SEARCH service at a surprising low cost.

Ken Bower Career Highlights

Chronological Order

GraduateBSME – Machine Design and Automatic Controls
SkilledTrade School for Automotive and Aeronautics Technician
MarketingDale Carnegie  – Impact Salesmanship
ManagementKepner Tregoe  – Managing Technology,  Team Decision Making
InventorGranted 6 US and many international patents
Developer10 Successful Products, Processes and Services
RecognizedAnnual Illinois Young Engineer of the Year Award
EmployersAT&T, Mead Joint Venture, Gould Labs
TechnologistPresented 20+ Papers at International Conferences
RegisteredProfessional Engineer – 30 Years
Member Founders teamEXXON Enterprises – Office Printers
Business Start-upHired and lead staff of 42 Scientists, Engineers & Suppor
FounderInventScape,llc, and Graphic Professionals,llc
I.P. Consultant
ConsultantProduct and Intellectual Property Planning
Liaison87 Applications Between Exxon & Woodcock Washburn
Patent Prosecution
USPTO Examiner8 Years: 1,000+ Applications, 500+ Grants
Patent Researcher15 Years: 1,400+ Searches
Agent100+ Provisional and Non-Provisional Patent Applications

Benefits To Join InventScape

Stop wasting their time and clients money applying for hopeless patents.

Replace lengthy prosecutions with first action allowances

Enjoy a practice with a reputation of efficiency and effectiveness.

InventScape has the perspective of an inventor, product developer, patent holder, IP strategist, entrepreneur, examiner and patent researcher. Has exceptional tools to perform the research and presents the findings for instant overview, concise data, and actionable sharing.