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Our patent examiner researchers give your firm a competitive edge.


A thorough patent search forms the foundation for winning applications, solid arguments and well authored opinions. We reduce rejections by selecting the right key elements and reliably finding them. Our team of former USPTO Examiners and our unique software provide your patent law firm with actionable information.

  • We have 70+ years of combined search experience
  • Our education and experience have allowed us to work successfully in most fields including electronics, software, mechanical, solar, wind, autonomous vehicles, power generation, and nuclear
  • Our team holds advanced degrees in fields like Patent Law, Bio-Electronics and Nuclear Physics


  • We utilize a single software platform connecting six databases to reduce omissions
  • Our custom software with three additional key word indexes increases accuracy
  • All of our searchers are experienced product developers, former USPTO examiners and registered agents and attorneys and share those perspectives


  • A simple, visual chart gives you a summary of key data & interpretation at a quick glance
  • The chart format allows you to communicate more efficiently with your clients
  • We deliver a paragraph format report upon request
  • We are fully US-Based. American English is our first language, facilitating communication

What Our Clients Say

I have been working with Inventscape for at least five years and I highly recommend their services. Inventscape is thorough and their reports are very understandable. I am able to serve my clients better because I work with Inventscape.

I have been using InventScape’s search services exclusively for the last three years. They always do a great job and are a pleasure to deal with. I am very happy with InventScape’s work and highly recommend them.

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